The Dairy Farm in My Back Yard

As cities expand and find farms on their fringes, neighbors are encouraged to ask questions to learn about today's farm practices.


Dairy's Impact on Communities

No other single product produced in Wisconsin creates a greater economic impact than milk.


Dairy and Tourism

Cozy Nook Farm in Waukesha takes advantage of their suburban setting to give non-farm folks the opportunity to learn all about modern dairy operations


Keeping the Farm in the Family—Transition Challenges

A major issue facing farm families today is succession planning. Who will take over the farm? What will our next generation of farms look like?


Wisconsin's #1 Team

To ensure the Wisconsin dairy industry stays on top in a highly competitive environment, farmers continue to focus on land and water resources, their animals, and the production of safe, high-quality milk.


Giving Back to Communities

Dairy farmers do much more than milk cows and grow crops. Learn how they also help their neighbors and their local communities.


Connecting Kids to Agriculture

Dairy farmers give kids the opportunity to learn where their food comes from by getting up close and personal with life on a farm.


Family Farms Link Generations

Wisconsin dairy farms come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the geography, size of the family, interests and skills of the family members, and career plans for the next generation.


Experience Life on a Dairy Farm

Dairy farming has changed over the years—tour a dairy farm to see how diversified the Wisconsin dairy industry is now and how modern-day efficiencies have helped Wisconsin remain America’s Dairyland.